Best Pediatric Epilepsy center in Warangal

Epilepsy is brain disorder that causes children to have repeated seizures. It can start at any age from newborn to old age. But more common in children compared to adults. The causes, types, and treatment of epilepsy are different from those of adult patients. In children, epilepsy is caused by numerous diseases like HIE, low sugars, birth defects (FCD, Lissencephly), genetic (dravet), infections, metabolic and trauma. So many times caretakers are unable to identify seizures in children because of unaware of the types of seizures and variety of presentations. Sometimes one child can have different types of seizures. Seizure can be seen both in sleep and awake state.

If any suspicious of seizures or abnormal movements, consult as early as possible our center and evaluate. Epilepsy is mainly diagnosed by history and some investigations like EEG, MRI brain, and some biochemical tests. EEG measures the electrical activity of the brain. MRI brain is needed to see any features of brain damage or any structural brain abnormalities present since or before birth. If we identify early and start treatment with appropriate medications, epilepsy is controllable. This antiseizure medications selection depends upon so many factors like age, type of seizures, epilepsy syndrome, etc. After starting medications, regularly follow a pediatric neurologist to assess the effect and find out any side effects.

Many children outgrow their epilepsy and stop having seizures when they are teens or young adults.
The duration of medications depends upon the type of epilepsy and its response to medications. But don’t ever stop your child’s anti-seizure medicine without talking to your doctor.
Our centre provides exclusive services for children with epilepsy and assures good quality of life in those kids.