Infantile Spasms Treatment in Warangal

Infantile spasms is a special type of epilepsy, especially in infants. Infantile spasms are first described with a group of symptoms known as West syndrome. Other names are epileptic spasms, salam attacks. It occurs in 1 in 2,000 children. It typically begins between 2-12 months of age and peaks between 4-8 months of age.

While these seizures may last only a second or two, they often happen close together with each spasm occurring every 5-10 seconds in a series. During a spasm, the body stiffens suddenly, the back may arch, and the arms, legs, and head may bend forward. However, infantile spasms can sometimes be hard to notice—perhaps only the eyes roll up or there is a small tummy crunch. They are most common just after a baby wakes up and rarely occur during sleep.

Most of the time these spasms are not recognized by caretakers and primary health care workers. It is very important that infantile spasms are diagnosed early to prevent morbidity. If you suspect your baby may be having infantile spasms, try to take a video and show this to your child's doctors. It can be easily identified by EEG specific pattern (Hypsarrhythmia). It is treated with ACTH, Vigabatrin.