Child Brain Specialist in Hanamkonda

Dr. Sai Chandar Reddy Dudipala

MBBS, MD (Ped), FIPN (AIMS, Kochi)
Consultant Pediatric Neurologist

"Pediatric Neurology is one of the emergeing pediatric superspeciality. It deals with disorders related to nervous system in children. We can provide services for developmental delay, seizures, autism, muscular disorders, stroke etc. Dr. Sai Chandar Reddy is first pediatric neurologist available in telangana (excluding Hyderabad). Dr. Sai Chandar Reddy D is well trained in dealing with pediatric neurological disorders at world prestigious institute AIMS, Kochi."

Updates AUTISM and speech therapy services available at OUR Trishika Child Development Center. Ph: 92059 96306

about us

Pediatric neurology is an emerging super specialty. There is lack of awareness among the people about this new specialty. We are marching forward with the mission to create awareness among the local public and also among the healthcare workers. The ultimate motto is to deliver quality neurological service to the needy child.

Dr.Sai Chandar Child Neuro Care deals with pediatric epilepsy, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, speech delay, autism, ADHD, childhood headache, behavioral problems, learning disability, traumatic brain injury, metabolic disorder, neuromuscular disorder and neurogenetic disorder etc.

Child Brain Specialist in Warangal


We Belive in a Healthy Brain

Our mission is to provide the best and most personalized neurological care for infants, children and adolescents.

If your child needs an evaluation for any kind of neurological issue - including seizures, epilepsy, headaches, migraines, brain tumors, movement disorders— our team will provide comprehensive and experienced care in a friendly and convenient setting. We will walk you through the process of an initial evaluation and whatever testing, education, support and treatments are needed.

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Pediatric Epilepsy

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Infantile spasms

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Autism & ADHD


Neurodegenerative disorders


Best Neurologist in Hanamkonda

Autism assessment

When to suspect Autism? Poor communication, no eye contact, not mingling with peer groups, stereotypes (rocking, spinning, hand flapping), speech delay, prefers to play alone and fixed interest.

Best Neurologist in Warangal

ADHD assessment

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by inattention, or excessive activity and impulsivity. It impairs regulation of attention, motor activity and impulsivity.


Children with epilepsy, developmental delay need some rare investigations with high quality procedure performance. Some kids need genetic and metabolic tests.


Electroencephalogram (EEG) measures electrical activity of the brain, same as ECG which measures electrical activity of heart.

Why Choose Us

One and only pediatric neurology center available in Warangal.

Dr. Sai Chandar Reddy D had vast experience in dealing with child neurological problems.

Exclusive pediatric EEG facility available.

Early intervention available.

Exclusive Pediatric Physiotherapy facility.

Counsel the parents properly about chronic neurological issues.

Treat ASD, ADHD and CP patients with humanity.

Pleasant and silent environment.