Best Doctors for Migraine Treatment in Warangal

Children of any age may have headache. However, the reaction may be different in a young child who cannot speak. They can present with irritability, sleep disturbances.

Children more than 2 yrs are able to tell about their symptoms. Headaches are 2 types- primary and secondary. Migraine and tension headache are common type ofprimary headache in children. Secondary headaches due to some underlying causes like infections, tumors, ear and nose infections, refractory errors. Migraine headaches can start as early as younger age if family members had migraine.

These headaches are mainly diagnosed based upon a clear history of headaches. Not all children needed brain imaging. Sudden onset of headache is always evaluated as soon as possible.

Headache can be relieved with lifestyle changes, avoiding triggers and medications. Migrainous headaches may need different medication and sometimes it may need to be continued for many months as well. Avoid screen and maintainin sleep hygiene can help to prevent attacks. Meditation, yoga will helpful.