Neurodegenerative Disorder in Children in hanamkonda

Neurodegenerative disorders are rare and caused by various reasons. These are debilitating conditions that result in progressive degeneration and/or death of nerve cells. There will be the regression of learned milestones with progressive deterioration of neurologic function with loss of speech, walking, hearing, etc. They are rare disorders with many having genetic/metabolic etiology.

Children present with loss of previous milestones, ataxia (gait difficulty), movement disorders, frequent seizures, dementia or cognitive decline. In many cases, the baby with the neurodegenerative disease may never gain any milestones from very early life.

These are very difficult to identify and need rare and specific investigations. It is very important to figure look - alike treatable diseases which present with neuroregression. Hence an expert opinion can be the key to correct diagnosis and treatment.